Sherwood Forest

From the Jamaica Blue MOuntains

A coffee estate with a mission


A historic coffee Estate


Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate sits at the very top of the Jamaica Blue Mountain range in the parish of St Thomas. From the entrance to the estate, rising all the way to to 'Big Level' at 5770ft coffee adorns acre after acre.

Since the late 1700s coffee has been cultivated, processed and exported from here. At Sherwood you can feel the history echo through the old great house, the narrow mountain roads and feel it in our local community - a true Jamaican treasure.

Pure jamaica blue mountain coffee

Green beans galore


As licensed exporters, we ship 100% authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to our valued customers all over the world. We produce all grades of green beans, and they all go through the same meticulous process of hand picking, sun drying and hand sorting at our on-site processing facility in the Blue Mountains.

After processing, Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate green beans are barreled up in the iconic wooden coffee barrels that still to this day embodies the exclusivity of this single origin coffee!

Protecting our coffee with blockchain - here's why

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the ‘Gucci’ of the coffee world. Verifying the authenticity and tracking the origins of the coffee you buy is important. Both for coffee lovers investing in a great cup of coffee – but also for the farmers and exporters.

If you want to support and protect the work of the individual farmers then buy blockchain verified coffee Рalways! Coffee from Sherwood is now blockchain verified and comes with full traceability information.

Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is ground zero for our coffee farm, our processing facility and everything else related to coffee – which we love!

But it is so much more than that. We are passionate about transforming the community we are in. So we created a line of gourmet products to transition some of our seasonal workers into permanent employment, and opened Sherwood as an eco/coffee tour destination to showcase a side of Jamaica that tourists normally never get to see.

Making an impact - with new activities

RSW - a tale of 3 coffee estates

RSW Estates is a very well-known Jamaica Blue Mountain green bean coffee brand. Although you will not find the brand 'RSW' in the market anymore it still has an interesting history - and we, as part of the three-clover, are still producing the same high quality coffee. Find out more about the coveted RSW brand and get coffee samples from Sherwood!


Indulge in a cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee roasted to perfection. Depending on our customers' market position we prepare some of the best roasted coffee bulk, packaged, private labelled or presented to our retail partners as our exclusive Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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