Sherwood Forest

Build the Sherwood Forest Community

We are digitizing a rural and remote coffee farming community through blockchain technology and unprecedented access to digital resources and digital funding. Help us build!

Pitch in to help us Build

We believe that 'Direct trade' is an action word - not just a fancy marketing phrase for coffee brands. Have you just had some coffee from Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate? Then get involved and participate in our community.

Funds are deposited in a 'multi-sig' vault ensuring transparency and fairness. It is the first time such as Social project has happened in Jamaica - and you play a key role in making it happen.

If you have scanned one of our serialized QR codes - Thank you!
Here is what you should know:

There is only ONE item in the world as unique as the product you have scanned. The QR code represents a digital identity - an NFT which is recorded on our blockchain. And it is unique - its like a fingerprint for this particular item you have.

When you scan our QR code from a product that originated at Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate, you have seen exactly where your coffee came from and what journey it has been on.

The farmers and workers involved in producing this fantastic product are all from the 'Sherwood Forest Community' and have joined forces with us to become the first Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee tech empowered village.

The support you give is distributed on the blockchain via a secure digital 'vault' ( a so-called Multi-sig set up on Gnosis Safe) using a range of protocols we have set up for our partners. Here's how your 'building blocks' will help to boost the community:

Send to our secure wallet address:

Here is how you help us build

Right now the Sherwood Community Multi-Sig vault (wallet address: jamaicabmc.eth) pays out directly to our community members based on their role - and your participation. Every month. The more you get involved - the greater the direct impact and difference you make.

The main 3 areas we have chosen for impact are outlined below - and we will post progress continuously on our media channels. 

Farm supplies - boosting farming input

Means to increase yield gives our farmers a route to greater revenue - and greater revenue increases our members independence and move them towards a more sustainable way of living.

The Sherwood Community Vault pays out to farming members specifically to fund farm input via some of our partner merchants. They supply them with crucial farm inputs, such as fertilizer, leafrust treatment and other treatments needed for the coffee coffee plants to remain healthy.

Schools and transportation

Barely-there mountain roads and expensive bus fare are hurdles to the children getting a good education. Just like lack of resources at the small primary schools in our community.

You cannot build a community without addressing access to and quality of education - so the Sherwood Forest Community provides financial support to our 2 local primary schools, and subsidizes transport for our high schoolers bus fare.

Smartphones to all members

Part of building our local community is also providing them with access to technology. When a new member joins us the Sherwood Forest community pays for them to receive a smartphone, set up a digital wallet and get training in how to use the technology.

While tech development takes place at most levels of society these rural communities are left behind. We provide the access so they can participate in this new world of opportunities.

How does this work?

From your digital wallet...

Use any digital wallet and make a transfer to our wallet address: jamaicabmc.eth. If you don't have a digital wallet already we propose creting a Metamask wallet - takes just a few minutes - and go from there. But the choice is yours. the Sherwood Community Wallet...

Our Sherwood Community wallet is in fact what is called a 'multi-sig' vault. It means that to ensure fairness and transparency it requires several digital authorisations from different wallet holders.

...and finally to our members' wallets.

Our members have different roles and needs in our community. Support is transferred to them based on these parameters, and protocols are set up to ensure that whatever is in the vault is spent on the community members.

Send to our secure wallet address: