Sherwood Forest

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RSW - a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee jewel

RSW is an acronym for a powerful three-clover in the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee industry. Three historical estates  – Resource, Sherwood Forest and Whitfield Farm partnered to bring some of the best Blue Mountain Coffee to the world and created the RSW brand.  

In the early 2000’s the owners from the 3 prestigious coffee estates formed a partnership to create a new export brand synonymous with high altitude and high quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Vetted in detail by JACRA – which at the time was called the ‘Coffee Industry Board’ –  the new power-house of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee competed ´purely on the high quality of their coffee and was immediately acknowledged for that in the international coffee market.

Compared to some of the ‘older’ brands in the market RSW was known for the distinct and consistent high quality of their coffee.

RSW had a further advantage over those brands, as coffee branded RSW could be traced to just one of three farms. That is significant in a market saturated with more ‘generic’ combinations of coffee from sometimes hundreds of farmers, which is the case with some of the first original exporters.

The Coffee Industry Board went into detail with what coffee could be branded ‘RSW’. It had to be either:

  • Grown only at Resource, Whitfield, or Sherwood Forest,
  • AND be processed exclusively at Sherwood Forest

The RSW brand was great then – our coffee is still the same now.

Processed and produced exclusively by Sherwood Forest Coffee Co.

Does RSW still exist?

Like for many other partnerships, times change and new generations take over. After many great years together, the partnership dissolved some years ago. At Sherwood Forest we continued ‘business as usual’ by exporting our high altitude, high quality coffee, still processed exclusively on our own premises just like before. 
Contact us for both green bean and roasted coffee samples if you are ready to add excellent JBMC to your product portfolio.