Sherwood Forest

From manual to digital

Smart-farming in Jamaica

With a little luck you might find a great looking coffee product online or on a shelf somewhere near you. But do you really know where that coffee is from? At Sherwood Forest we have swung open our doors and opened a direct connection to our end-users and coffee traders. How does that work? 

It’s actually quite simple. We sell coffee to our international trading partners either as green, unroasted coffee – or as our luxury coffee brand ‘Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee’ directly to coffee drinkers. Everything that happens to our coffee from it is picked on the steep slopes of Sherwood Coffee Estate, dried, rested or hand sorted by the ladies in or sorting team – all of it is captured digitally. 

We take advantage of everything Web 3.0 has to offer and combine digital data capture and blockchain  technology.

Our product verification platform and our data tracking processes tells a final story to our coffee  trading partners, and our coffee drinkers, and adds a new level of transparency and governance to a very traditional and unique supply chain.

Are we bringing about actual change?

Rural producers, whether in Jamaica or anywhere else in the world, are normally geographically, financially, technologically and marketing-wise very far from the final coffee drinker. With our technology-lead approach to our value- and supply chain we create a real ‘farm-to-cup’ experience for both our coffee drinkers but also for our participating farmers and their teams and families.

With our platform they are now included and given access to technology so they too can see tangible results for their families. 

‘Farm to cup’ for real - not just a marketing phrase

Few rural producers have really been connected to the end-user in a meaningful way despite many brands promise of delivering Farm-to-cup. 
Technology allows us to impact real change and enables us to take our coffee drinkers on a journey from reaping through to brew – so they meet the people behind the coffee products they consume. 

The result is full transparency, traceability and accountability at all stages – where finally the end-user can connect directly with the community that produced their coffee  – and directly help build our community! 

Principles of 'ESG' as our guideline

Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is part of a small rural community which, just like many other rural communities, lack development and opportunities. We are determined that our business must make a significant and positive impact on this community – and communities like ours. By implementing Web 3.0 assets and involving our community in our technological developments we are able to better support sustainability within our environment, increase our social impact while we create unparalleled standards for governance.