Sherwood Forest

Take in the view

Altitude all the way

Jamaica is a melting pot of historic events, revolutionary people, and exotic products categorised as ‘best in the world’ – at Sherwood you get a glimpse of how Jamaica’s economic development since the late 1700s affected one location, one coffee estate and one community.

The more recent part of our history is dedicated to simply cultivating some of the best coffee Jamaica has to offer. We are blessed with lots of acres of high altitude coffee which we carefully cultivate and convert and export as a single origin, single estate coffee.
We are however, also a modern coffee estate on a mission to transform our community. Through several  new projects we mix really great coffee with technology, investment in our people and development of innovative products. 

Processing coffee

At Sherwood we still process coffee quite similarly to how it was done over 200 years ago when Sherwood first started to export green coffee beans. 

Processes have of course been perfected and improved, and today we use technology in managing our processes. But we still pick all the coffee by hand, it is still dried on our large ‘barbeques’ and the ground floor of the great house is still used for storage, processing and sorting – just like it was a few hundred years ago.

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Visiting Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is like taking a sneak peak into Jamaican history.  

History has unfolded at Sherwood in tandem with Jamaica’s general historical development. In the Jamaica Blue Mountains, much has changed since the British rulers tried to carve out a piece of this majestic area for themselves. At the same time, you get a distinct feeling that time has stood still in these beautiful mountain ranges where nature alone reigns supreme.

With the historical backdrop of our old buildings nestled in a small rural community, likely borne out of the darkest era of the Caribbean history, our coffee estate is now ground zero in our efforts to make a positive impact on our surroundings. 

Our coffee estate is the ‘umbrella’ that houses all our coffee farming and processing activities, but we also welcome coffee tour guests, implement blockchain traceability technology, and introduce complementary products such as gourmet mushrooms and microgreens to offer even more permanent jobs for our community members.