Sherwood Forest

From beans to beautiful roasts

At Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate we work closely with our sister company Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee,  to bring to market some of the best Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has to offer. 

For our customers we span wide. From high quality green beans in all available grades reaped from our our high altitude fields and partnering farms  – to the sleek, roasted Oubu Coffee brand and everything in between.

We tailor coffee solutions to suit your desired position in your local market. Let us know what you are looking for! 

The Sherwood / Oubu Partnership

Grow, Process & Export

Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is the starting point for our fully integrated value and supply chain. At Sherwood we grow some of the finest, high altitude coffee you can find in Jamaica, and we apply technology to provide unrivalled data insight for all batches of coffee that leaves our estate. We are deeply invested in how to grow and nurture the coffee trees, and process the cherries to produce an amazing green bean product.
As licensed processors and exporters we work with importers all over the world exporting coffee under the 'Sherwood Forest Coffee Co' brand.


'Oubu Coffee' is both the name of our partner import company, as well as the name of our luxuriously packaged retail product range. Oubu Coffee is a licenced importer who can facilitate customers ranging from the largest commodity traders to even home roasters - and every coffee merchant type in between.
We accommodate new partners as sub-licensees and work with new and old brands and distributors internationally. Our Oubu coffee products are all blockchain verified which we see as crucial in protecting the authenticity of our origin. We can do the same for your brand!