Its a new day at Sherwood – we’re using blockchain tech to boost our community and verify authenticity!

At Sherwood we are extremely passionate about protecting our unique coffee origin, while creating ways for us to build the remote, rural farming communities in Jamaica. We have partnered with a pioneering software company to take our farm completely digital – and create a platform from which we can verify valuable commodities where the origin is at the very heart of the value proposition – just like for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. 

The value of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee brand is significant, which attracts counterfeiters and fraudulent players internationally. A development that is extremely difficult to curb and which is prevalent generally in all luxury product categories. It is not just Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for whom this is an issue. Other high end origins such as Hawaii have taken fraudulent brands to court and won….but where there is a gap someone will fill it. Until we close that gap.  

We are grateful that ‘Coffee Intelligence’ recently put this issue in the spotlight and examined what is actually at stake when we cannot adequately protect our origin and commodity.  

Click below to read the full article and learn how our blockchain solution can safeguard one of our most valuable commodities – Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – and how we right now are doing that at Sherwood.

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April 27, 2022