Sherwood Forest


Thanks for checking us out! We are happy to introduce Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee  – ‘Out of the Blue’…

Oubu is a luxury coffee and cafe brand now available from Main Street Rosehall, where your guests can enjoy both a beautiful cup of coffee, purchase our range of coffee products including artisan pour-over single serve coffee, Nespresso compatible pods – and even coffee with functional mushrooms. 

Oubu is exclusively produced by Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate. An over 200 year old estate sitting at 5700 ft above sea level, close to the Jamaica Blue Mountain Peak. It’s that ‘old world’ vibe we’re bringing to Main Street Rosehall, with the charm of country living, carefully crafted products tailored to discerning coffee drinkers and a peak into the vast history and experience of growing really great coffee. 

We have several options available for your customers ranging from:

  • a cafè visit for the hungry or thirsty traveler
  • 45-minute coffee intro sessions at Main Street that takes your guests through the history of coffee in Jamaica, the history of Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate – one of the oldest and largest coffee estates in Jamaica which had its first export in 1801. They will get an introduction to how the worlds best coffee is produced, and will of course get a taste of our coffee varieties.
  • A full day excursion to Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate! Its either a road trip  – or perhaps a helicopter ride to one of our 4 helipads. Stop over to experience historic buildings and surrounding village with a lot of fascinating history; a working coffee estate with steep slopes full of one of our country’s best exports, the exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and processing facilities  where you can see how this luxury coffee is produced. Traverse some of the 50+ km of hiking trails we have crisscrossing the mountains and coffee fields from the processing facility and all the way up to the peak of the mountain range. Stop to dip in our river and enjoy our waterfalls  – or be still and just enjoy the birds and nature surrounding you. 
Reach out so we can help you put together the best options for your guests! 

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