Sherwood Forest

Touring Sherwood Estate

Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate spans over 300 acres nestled in the scenic and cool Jamaica Blue Mountain region. There is something for everyone to enjoy. We’re off the beaten path and offer unique and authentic Jamaican experiences in historic settings. 

  • Historic buildings and surrounding village with a lot of fascinating history;
  • We have a working coffee estate with steep slopes full of one of our country’s best exports, the exclusive  Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and processing facilities  where you can see how this luxury coffee is produced;
  • We have 50 km of hiking trails crisscrossing the mountains and coffee fields from the processing facility and all the way up to the peak of the mountain range;
  • We have cool waterfalls and the river running from top to bottom of the estate.
  • A paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers.  

Hiking at Sherwood

All of this is included in your tour:

  • Pick up at UTECH car park at 6.30 am
  • Arrival at Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate approx. 8 am. 
  • Breakfast cooked by our local cooks, including coffee roasted on the spot.
    Enjoy your food while your hosts give an introduction to Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate, our history and activities. 
  • Approx. 9.30  – start hike to Big Level, which is our highest coffee field beyond the highest drivable road in Jamaica. Hike takes approx. 1- 1.5 hours. 
  • Take in the fantastic views at Big Level and enjoy a refreshment before waking back down using a route that ends at one of our waterfalls – adventurous hikers can step into the cool pools and cool down. Very invigorating! 
  • Walk back to Sherwood Forest for a late lunch cooked over wood fire. 
  • Departure from Sherwood approx. 4 pm.


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Tell us how many people you are booking for and what date you would like to visit.
Then we will put together a great experience for you and your group.